Urban Monkey


The Challenge

Urban Monkey approached us to help them conquer a new market through engaging with the local community, it's language and habits. As an optimistic and fun brand, we wanted to do everything in our power to capture that essence.

Getting to know a new country and it's inhabitants we believe in an engaging approach on Social Media and Community events.

Further building a website that embodies the brand's image to coincide with the product launch in Austria.


In collaboration with design studio Wald&Schwert we developed this interactive website, transporting the viewer into the playful world of Urban Monkey.


As you scroll down the page you find this upbeat lifestyle video. This video reinforces the playful and adventurous nature of the brand. This video is an iterative process, we are continuing the filming and production so the video shows another aspect of the Urban Monkey brand, its continued development, improvement and evolution.

Social Media Support

As we understand Social Media and are experts of content creation with a wide network of influencers we took over the Social Media accounts of Urban Monkey. During the content creation we focused on putting together sets of complementary images. Sets of 3 images that work together. During this process we worked closely with a number of influencers to aid in content creation, by working with influencers we increase the variety of the content and the reach of the content.

Custom typeface

We even created a custom typeface out of the hand drawn letters by Wald & Schwert to further strengthen the brand's identity and to simplify the creation of communication tools.



If you like what you see then visit the Urban Monkey Website, their Facebook and their Instagram. If you want to see more of our work you can find it below or contact us to find out how we can help you do good, better.