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To get you started with influencer marketing we created a better influencer marketing guide with tips from our expert Ana Barros. We have created this guide for marketing managers, marketing consultants, entrepreneurs and all those who are interested in better influencer marketing. 

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better supports brands to tell their story through the world's top influencers, such as bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers. We develop and manage creative influencer marketing strategies to effectively spread out your brand’s story and reach millions of people in your target market.


Influencer: In partnership with Michael Schulz (@berlinstagram), Ignant (@ignant), this ain’t art school (@thisaintartschool) and other instagramers.

Challenge: Build recognition for the brand through a photography competition that emphasizes the leading camera technology in the new device

Approach: With the given hashtag #veränderedeineperspektive we initiated a photography competition and selected influencers in our network that fit to the concept of changing perspectives. The campaign was launched together with Michael Schulz (@berlinstagram) and leading art blog Ignant and This ain’t art school.

Results: 3000+ submissions during the 4 week campaign


Influencer: Madeleine Alizadeh (DariaDaria)

Challenge: Get people to download the treeday app and register for the treeday community.

Approach: To highlight the features of treeday and its sustainability DNA we crafted a “48 hours in Vienna” city guide hosted by DariaDaria that is free to download after a registration on Accompanying the guide we shot a video of Madeleine Alizadeh (DariaDaria) and some of her favorite spots around the city. Watch it here.

Result: 80.000+ reach, 35 comments, 200+ members on on first day


Influencers: 7 instagrammers, 7 bloggers and 3 jounalists

Challenge: Promote newly released google photo app.

Approach: We combined the presentation of google photos with a literally hot topic: food photography. We invited instagramers and food bloggers to join us  at Heuer am Karlsplatz (@heueramkarlsplatz) for a food photography workshop. After the workshop everyone could put their newly learned skills to the test at the google family feast as we brought out food and drinks. The stories were created under the hashtag #googleomnom

Result: 17 influencers, >32 instagram posts, >16,900 likes, >390 comments, >18 facebook posts, >2900 snapchat views, >80 images on google photos


Influencers: Jeannine Mik (Mini&Me), Guilherme da Rosa (@gui_), Sandra Schmidt (@sandy___smith), Kaley Ann (, Ann-Kathrin Stade (Rock my day)

Challenge: Tell authentic and engaging stories from woom users, share experiences.

Approach: To highlight the uniqueness and features of woom, we identified adventurous families, mothers and dads.  Accompanying their kids journey onwoom bikes we crafted  engaging images, videos and stories.
No slogans. No high gloss polished images. But honest feedback.

Results: 140K+ blog reach, 4200+ clicks, 9k+ likes, 240+ comments, 80+ images created, 30+ videos created

Take a look at the story of Ana, Co-founder of better and Instagram influencer, to understand why we think we can help you do Influencer Marketing better

How do we do it?

  • Identifying influencer trends
  • Researching new accounts
  • Selecting the right channels and influencer for your brand
  • Helping clients to develop influencer marketing strategies
  • Developing authentic concepts, campaigns, and content
  • Fostering a strong influencer community
  • Developing, implementing and managing campaigns
  • Organizing topic related challenges and hackathons

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