We do love a good challenge. That’s why we spent three freezing days (and nights) in an old factory.

Shooting footage for over a hundred videos in different formats and languages, destined to promote and introduce the OMEN Squad, HPs sponsored gaming team on twitch.



Doing channel management for private van sharing platform Paul Camper, we learned a lot about the camping community and its unbelievable DIY mentality. This made us wonder: Why spend money on content production, when there’s so many creative people out there, who desperately need funds to build their dream camper van?


Professional Tourist




Our social feeds are swamped with content of beautiful travel destinations. To promote guided-tour platform GetYourGuide, we were reluctant to feed into this maelstrom. Instead we turned to the guides and other people working for GetYourGuide all over the world, making them the heroes of the brand. After all they are the ones, with the stories worth telling. Like Orion, who arguably has the best job in the world.

After our film crew followed Orion around the globe, his story raked up more than 700.000 views on YouTube and was promoted on IGTV as well as the usual social channels.

Even the press jumped the bandwagon and helped spread word about the Orion. Click here to read the full article on BusinessInsider.


International Tour Guide Day




How to best thank your employees in a simple social post? Well, if they are tour guides, just let them do what they do best: talk to the world. For International Tour Guide Day 2018, we sent out a call to all guides working for GetYourGuide, to give us a little video about why they love their job. And boy, do they love their job!

Before we knew it, we were drowning in videos and the result still gives us the tingles. Not just us – with more than 170.000 engagements, it became GetYourGuides most successful post.

Nobody could have showcased, what GetYourGuide is all about, better than them. This is why we believe working better, means working together. Because community feeds communication.